Recycle. Upcycle. Transform the Cycle with GreenScreen Shade Fabrics

By investing in sustainable manufacturing and bringing cleaner, energy-saving products to the market, Mermet USA has begun weaving change in our own small way. However, there is so much more that can be done with your help.

Through Weaving Change, Mermet connects multiple organizations such as manufacturers, architects, businesses, and environmental organizations to mobilize behind a shared commitment to sustainability in a tangible, personal way.

This collaboration takes place not just behind the scenes in corporate boardrooms, but through our manufacturing processes and on the ground in the communities where we all live, work and play.

Greenscreen® Nature

The Journey



Sand is collected and sourced to make fiberglass.



Sand is melted then extruded into fiberglass fibers.


Fiberglass fibers are spun into yarn.


The yarn is woven into fabric.


The fabric is dyed.



GreenScreen Nature fabric is created!

Greenscreen Evolve® and Greenscreen Revive®

The Plastic Journey


Plastic waste is collected.


The plastic is cut into smaller sizes.


The pellets are melted and spun into yarn.


The yarn is knit into fabric.


The fabric is dyed.


GreenScreen fabric is created!

GreenScreen Nature Beauty Shot

GreenScreen® Nature

Light on the planet, yet high on performance, GreenScreen Nature recyclable shade fabrics are made from minimal ingredients and 100% fiberglass material. The natural fiberglass yarn used for GreenScreen Nature’s construction provides industry leading achievement for flame resistance, smoke emissions, ease of cleaning, and antimicrobial control.

GreenScreen Evolve®

GreenScreen Evolve designer shade fabrics bring elegance, sustainability and control to every facet of the façade. GreenScreen Evolve is a 100%, non-pvc warp knit polyester shade fabric that contains a minimum of 78% Repreve ® fibers made from 100% recycled post-industrial fiber and consumer plastic waste. The fabric is Cradle to Cradle Certified–Bronze and uses up to 14 recycled water bottles per yard. The main differentiating factors for Evolve is its unique diamond knit pattern and modern color palette, custom selected to provide a higher level of clarity to the outside.

GreenScreen Revive®

The flagship product of Mermet’s recyclable fabric offerings, GreenScreen Revive warp knitted fabrics are made of 100% PVC-free polyester and contain up to 89% Repreve fibers. The recycled content within the fibers used to make GreenScreen Revive are derived from post-industrial plastic waste and post-consumer repurposed water bottles. In fact, each yard of GreenScreen Revive fabric contains up to 11 post-consumer water bottles.

Mindful Materials and Product Transparency

The Mindful Materials Library, powered by Origin, is a searchable database where users can find and easily compare architectural building products that have various transparency and sustainability attributes. Users can access specific product data for Mermet's Sun Control Textiles in the mM Library here.

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Health & Safety Certifications and Testing

Submitted to a number of internationally recognized testing facilities, our technically efficient fabrics pass certifications created to set high standards for providing comfortable, sustainable, and safe indoor environments.

Fungal Resistance

ASTM E2180
Microbial Resistance

NFPA 701
Fire Rertardant

Cradle to Cradle Bronze
100% Recyclable

Clean Air


Health Product Declaration (HPD) Sheets

In response to increasing demand for transparency of product content, Mermet has completed several Health Product Declarations (HPD). The HPD’s provide architects and specifiers an extensive report on the human and ecological health impact of the ingredients used to produce the fabric. HPD's are available for download on all South Carolina manufactured fabrics, as well as industry-leading GreenScreen shade fabrics.