Today, Mermet is putting our Weaving Change program into action to combat the constantly expanding threat of plastic pollution in our waterways, coastlines and oceans.

Weaving ChangeTM Pillars

Weaving Change isn’t a singular idea, but the confluence of three interconnected pillars that seek to protect ecology, lead the way in creating more sustainable products and manufacturing processes, and improve communities.

Our Oceans and Waterways

Ecological Impact

Mermet is improving local ecology through U-Turn shoreline and waterway cleanup events. This initiative focuses on eliminating the abundance of ocean plastic waste and its ingestion by marine animals.

Sustainable Product

Collected plastic then gets recycled into yarn, which can be utilized to create GreenScreen® shades. Those shades are a critical component of whole building design, helping increase energy efficiency and ensuring building occupants are comfortable as they live, work, and play.

Community & Charity

Shades are then donated jointly by Mermet and event sponsors to a local charitable organization, bringing the impact back to the community and raising awareness of our mission.

The Threat of Marine Plastic

Versatile, lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective, plastics have delivered so many benefits to mankind that it’s often easy to overlook the unimaginable damage these materials are doing to our planet. According to Surfers Against Sewage, “Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans.” The result of this waste is disastrous. There is enough plastic entering our water every year to fill up five grocery bags for each of Earth’s 1.9 billion feet of coastline. That number will double by 2025 unless real action is taken at local, regional, and global scales.

Scientists have discovered microplastics embedded in Arctic ice, and in the stomachs of scores of mollusks, fish, birds, and whales whose bodies have washed ashore.

Humans aren’t safe either—studies have found significant amounts of microplastics in almost every brand of bottled water around the world.

Huge floating plastic islands in the five largest oceanic gyres are slowly breaking down and finding their way into the marine life food chain.

Weaving Change starts with you. Together, we have the opportunity to make a real impact.

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