Weaving Change for our Oceans + Waterways FAQ

What is Weaving Change?

Weaving Change is a confluence of three interconnected pillars that seek to protect ecology, lead the way in creating more sustainable products and manufacturing processes, and improve communities.

Why did Mermet USA begin this movement?

Mermet USA is dedicated to changing the architectural and design industry through innovative products and solutions that enhance occupant comfort, design flexibility, and environmental responsibility. Weaving Change allows us to encourage transformation inside the industry and beyond. In creating this movement we have the opportunity to demonstrate how various efforts and initiatives can be woven together to make a big impact.

Who does this benefit?

Ultimately everyone. We see the benefits of this movement in three pillars: ecology, sustainability, and community. Through our efforts we hope to impact the local ecology through clean up events. We hope to grow awareness for sustainable manufacturing through education and by using collected plastics to create yarns that are used in shades and textiles. Finally, the community will benefit through our Weaving Change Give Back program.

What is the Weaving Change Give Back program?

One of the ways Mermet USA supports Weaving Change is through collaborative window shade fabrication partnerships to supply targeted nonprofits with efficient window shade treatments. Through a series of fundraising efforts, volunteer work, and sponsored U-Turn beach and river clean ups, we’re sourcing raw materials while also adding to a portfolio of sustainably manufactured goods.

What is the first Weaving Change initiative?

To combat the constantly expanding threat of plastic pollution in our waterways, coastlines, and oceans, Mermet USA is launching Weaving Change for our Oceans + Waterways.

What is the first Weaving Change initiative?

To combat the constantly expanding threat of plastic pollution in our waterways, coastlines, and oceans, Mermet USA is launching Weaving Change for our Oceans + Waterways.
Beginning with a U-Turn shoreline and waterway clean up event, Mermet USA and event participants are improving local ecology by removing plastics and other waste to prevent pollution from entering the oceans. Working with BIONIC®, collected plastic then gets recycled into yarn, which can be utilized to create GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ shades. Finally, shades are donated to local charitable or nonprofit organizations highlighting the impact that sponsors and volunteers are making for their community.

How do the Weaving Change U-Turn events translate into GreenScreen® Sea-Tex™ fabric?

In many instances, collected plastic from the clean up events goes into recycled yarn, which can be utilized by a variety of verticals from apparel to industrial to décor, including GreenScreen Sea-Tex™ window shades.

Is GreenScreen Sea-Tex™ Mermet’s only “green” fabric?

Mermet USA has a strong commitment to sustainability—from the products we deliver to the overall solutions we provide. We have range of sustainable products including GreenScreen Revive® and GreenScreen® Evolve™. In fact, the GreenScreen family of recycled fabrics is the industry’s most technically advanced performance screens for sustainable interiors.

How do I become involved in Weaving Change?

Interested participants can visit our website, www.mermetusa.com/weavingchange, to learn more about hosting events, download information, and connect with a Mermet USA event specialist.

What kind of commitment is required from hosts/participants?

Event sponsors will have an initial monetary commitment to cover a range of costs such as event coordination, promotional materials, on-site supplies, event videography and photography, and more. Participants and sponsors will also be required to commit time during the actual Weaving Change U-Turn Event (one day or one-half day depending on the size and needs).
Additionally, U-Turn event sponsors can identify a nonprofit of their choice to receive donated fabricated shades following all clean up and fundraising efforts. Sponsors may also endorse an internal GoFundMe campaign to raise money to fund their U-Turn event, to raise funds in addition to their initial sponsorship investment, and as a cash gift to their designated nonprofit to supplement shading installation costs.

What kind of support does Mermet USA provide to event hosts/participants?

Mermet USA provides comprehensive support from start to finish. We will have dedicated staff to help sponsors arrange everything from finding a location to creating promotional materials, coordinating media support to serve as an on-site event manager.