The Mermet Giveback Program

One of the ways Mermet is supporting our Weaving Change mission is through collaborative partnerships with fabricators, architects, businesses, and environmental organizations which aim to outfit in-need nonprofits with window shade treatments. This goal is accomplished through a series of fundraising efforts, volunteer work and/or sponsored U-Turn beach and river shoreline clean-ups.

U-Turn Sponsorship as a Component of the Mermet Giveback Program

With sustainability and community as key pillars of Mermet’s Weaving Change mission, Mermet connects multiple groups to mobilize behind a shared commitment to environmental conservation. One of these ways is through U-Turn shoreline clean-up initiatives. The beginning of the U-Turn planning process starts with a sponsor company interested in hosting a U-Turn event. The sponsor is then responsible for donating financial resources and recruiting employee volunteers for the event. In conjunction, they identify a nonprofit of their choice who they would like to pledge fabricated shades to following all clean-up and fundraising efforts. Throughout the entire planning process, Mermet handles all coordination and promotional efforts leading up to and on the day of a U-Turn event.

Campaign Funding as a Component of the Mermet Giveback Program

Giveback program sponsors may also decide to opt out of hosting a U-Turn beach clean-up and decide solely to endorse an internal GoFundMe campaign or any other fundraiser event. In the spirit of giving, these funds will be used towards outfitting the non-profit with discounted shade fabric, hardware and labor on behalf Mermet and our fabrication partners.

Global and National Partnerships



Mermet has partnered with green manufacturing powerhouse, Unifi to make our GreenScreen Evolve and GreenScreen Revive fabrics possible. Americas based manufacturer, Unifi specializes in creating Repreve recycled fibers. Repreve transforms recycled plastic bottles into amazing products you use every day – including window shade fabrics.

Local Impact

Palmetto Green Energy (PaCE) Member

Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE) is an SC non-profit organization that promotes the generation of electric energy through environmentally- friendly, renewable resources, such as solar, wind, biomass and water. Mermet contributes to the advancement of these technologies through the Palmetto Clean Energy program. Learn more about PaCE and how you can also promote renewable energy.

Partnering with Local Vendors

Through community partnership, Mermet is stimulating the local economy while conserving resources and decreasing Co2 emissions. Many vendors use Mermet unused materials and waste to create items such as, water hoses, traffic cones, and walk off mats.

Educating Trade Professionals

Mermet is increasing national awareness for using solar shade fabrics as a solution to accomplishing energy efficiency and sustainable design. Since 2013, Mermet has hosted approximately 400 continuing education courses on this topic to more than 5200 architect and design professionals in North America.

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